Location tracker

This is a mobile app which helps to track attendance of employees working off premisemobile app. This app helps you to track where your field employees are at any time!With our simple mobile application, now you can track the places where your field employees have visited


  • Know an employee’s current location at any given time
  • Unlimited number of employees can be set up
  • New employees can be added, and employees can be deleted
  • Get alert SMS on phone if an employee has not turned on the application In his mobile at start of work day
  • Get alert if the employee has turned off the application during work hours
  • Find out the places where he visited and how much time he spent there. The application updates GPS location every minute
  • Use the data for payroll processing The tracking data can be downloaded to server periodically
  • When there is no internet connection, the data gets stored in the phone itself and downloads to the server when the internet becomes available
  • Employees can turn the application on/off depending on when they are at work or off work
  • Can be used on all smart phones that work on Android (Android 2.2 and above)

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